English-Vietnamese dictionary is added.

Now supports 19 languages: German, Japanese, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Italian, Czech, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Hungarian, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Korean and Vietnamese.

For registered users I added Add button to the menu bar (see picture). If pressed, this button allows to add arbitrary word or text to the dictionary. Main purpose of this button – to add without searching. If you press Add button Add new word or text block will be displayed with blank word field. So now you don’t need to search in Dictionary to add new word to it.


I added Google search to the Dictionaries (see picture). There are at least two reasons to treat Google as Dictionary. The first one is because Google (when you enter some word as search request) really tries to display word definition using Wikipedia and many online dictionaries it knows. The second one is an ability of Google to search phrases (quoted word Sequences). Very often we know meaning of every word in a sentence but do not understand the sentence as a whole. In this case Google can be of great help because it finds phrases in appropriate contexts and helps us to understand them.